His famous men



born in 1872 to the sailor and child of a famous marinoise family, Victor DUQUESNAY was a poet out pair of exquisite sensitivity.


its œ the best known works, "The Martiniquaises" and "Songs of the Isles" trace with love the beauty of his native island


the gentle poet of the sailor went in 1920, at the age of 48




the sailor has been lot of famous men, but if there is one that has marked the history, it is him.


Indeed, Osman DUQUESNAY born 7 January 1846 a famous marinoise family was physician and participated actively in the political life of the sailor, but of the Martinique.


Mayor of the municipality of the sailor from May 1908 to 1923, Osman DUQUESNAY has also been distinguished military medal, the rank of Chevalier of the Legion of honour to the civil title, then to the military title.


he died on 8 December 1923 at the age of 77, after a lifetime in the service of the nation Martinique and French to the sailor. Please note that we can see his statue in the Joffre Place Church of the marine and important dates of his life.


Theodore BAUDE


very active man, he created in 1909 "the society of friends of the trees" in the fight against deforestation and œ work for the protection of the trees and birds. In 1913, it becomes Union of Initiative.


touting the beauty of sites and the flora of the island, editing tourist guides, with the General transatlantic company organizing the stay of the visitors, it will play a major role in the field of tourism.


also writer, his first book was a 50 geometric step brochure. In 1944, he published "my village and my Tower", a monograph of the marin.


Antoine NISAS

the oldest West Indian metropolis couturier (Haute couture).


in 1986, he createda SWOT-elegance (Alliance France overseas of elegance), association with the aim to help and promote young West Indian designers, thus opening the doors to the world of fashion.


it was the couturier of Madam Georges POMPIDOU, Martine CAROLE, many women of Heads of State of African, etc....


he died February 13, 2002.


Charles-Elie SAINT-CYR

Mayor of August 1884 to November 1890 sailor, he is nicknamed "the Builder". Notably he is the former Town Hall, wide wooden building covered with tiles and topped by a campanile that occupied a clock. It is also the origin of the cemetery.




Vincent PLACOLY was born in 1946 in the sailor. He was educated at the lycée Schoelcher and France to obtain a license and a master of letters modernes.


he taught in many schools such as the normal school of the Martinique or even the u.n. o.n. UPA. It was also a novelist, playwright, essayist.


he died in 1992 at Fort of France.


its œ the best known works are: "the life and death of Marcel Gonstran", "the water of death guildive," "Brothers volcanoes".


the best known theatres and its parts are: "Don Juan", "Dessalines or the passion of independence".


A note that the cultural centre of the marine bears his name.




born April 11, 1889 in the sailor, Roger BONARO trader at Fort France, becomes mayor of the marine on 9 June 1945.


it has allowed the realization of important community facilities such as the supply of the fountains of the village drinking water, the construction of 78 homes in 1962 Diaya.


he developed also the teaching in the town by building of many schools, the canteen on the former Fort becomes a property of the Marin.


on April 20, 1968, he left his duties as Mayor to live a well-deserved retirement.


it hasTee Knight of the order of civil merit and Knight of the Legion of honour.


he died on January 26, 1974 at the age of 85 years.


A note that the municipal of the marine Stadium bears his name.


Victor LAMON


father of martinican unionism born in 1905 in the marine, Victor LAMON is known for its trade union struggles in Martinique for the application of social security that the implementation of collective agreements including those of agriculture. Leader of the CGTM, he died on January 4, 1988.

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