Nwel tradisyon peyi nou

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Nwel tradisyon peyi nou

the Sunday 22 December 2013 Office de tourisme 97290 Le Marin (Martinique) bvd Allègre, 97290 le Marin
Phone : 05 96 74 63 21  - Mobile phone : 06 96 22 26 63
NWEL TRADYSION PEYI NOU is in its 6th edition, it's a concert of choirs which comes in the run-up to Christmas. It appears appropriate to initiate the revival of a strong animation during this Christmas season, by working for the promotion of our cultural heritage with the choirs of Martinique through Christmas carols; event combining quality and diversity. The tourist office aims to establish an evening of exchanges between choirs and a diverse audience (children, youth, adults) to reunion and meeting around Christmas. This conviviality is favored by an appropriation of place Joffre, place that invites to the brotherhood. Demonstration on Sunday, 22 December 2013.Vous there are all invited!

Information: Tourist OFFICE of the MARIN BOULEVARD ALLEGRE 97290 MARIN TEL: 0596 74 63 21 / 0696 22 26 63
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  • LE DOCK Zone Artimer quartier Duprey 97290 Le Marin

  • LE VILLAGE DE LA POINTE Plage de la Pointe Faula, 97290 Le Marin

  • Meublé de Mme FORTUNE 23, résidence En Cammée 97290 Le Marin

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