Yole ronde, les marinois reçoivent la médaille de la ville

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YOLE RONDE, Les Marinois reçoivent la médaille de la ville

the Friday 31 August 2012 OFFICE DE TOURISME DU MARIN 97290 Le Marin (Martinique) Bvd ALLEGRE
Phone : 05 96 74 63 21
Friday night in the school restaurant, Marin City and its sports and culture office received with great fanfare their couriers of Brewery Lorraine/Isuzu, winner Tour 2012 and Fišer/Watalipie who finished in 6th place.
The party continues for the crew of the sponsored by Johan Jacqua marinoise gig. But it is also the case of his counterpart, the sailor also, Fišer/watalipie sponsored by Sylvère Guy.
Mayor, Rodolphe Desire, made them a tribute. The Medal of the city they was presented, which is inscribed with "In liberalitates virtus" (the power of generosity). Brave couriers, all confused, crews have been relive moments of glory, after twenty-seven years and the title won by the gig I clevis / Monoprix, barred by the iconic Desire Lamon.
Partners in these two boats have enhanced their presence the receipt. "They treated us submarines then cleaners." Today, we are among the first six rowing shells of the flotilla. What about? ", noted the representative of company Fišer.
(Lbs/France-West Indies) FRANCE ANTILLES on 21/08/2012 article

  • VILLAS DES CAPS Cap Beauchène 97290 Le Marin

  • LE DOCK Zone Artimer quartier Duprey 97290 Le Marin

  • LE VILLAGE DE LA POINTE Plage de la Pointe Faula, 97290 Le Marin

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