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from December 06 2012 to December 08 2012 Office de tourisme du Marin 97290 Le Marin (Martinique) Bvd Allègre
Phone : 05 96 74 63 21  - Fax : 05 96 74 72 96  - Mobile phone : 06 96 22 26 63
The Office of tourism and the Marin City will host the games KALI'NA JUNIORS on Friday 07 December 2012, on the beach of the village. During these games, twelve classes of CM2 of Martinique (Marin, dull green, Robert, Lamentin, Bellefontaine, Sainte Anne, Trinity, Schoelcher, Fort de France) which one of Awala-Yalimapo of Guyana will participate in this event in various events. This is the "game of the devil", "the Blowgun shooting", "quiz", "load carriage", "maze frog", of the "doucin' Kayak" and "shooting to the rope. PROGRAM 08 H 30 home of children 08 H 45 home of the INSTITUTIONS, guests, DELEGATIONS 09 H 00 PRESENTATION of games KALINA arrival of the DELEGATION of AWALA home of Mayor of MARIN address SOUS-PREFECT remarks of Mayor of MARIN remarks of Mayor of AWALA/opening games KALINA singing of children 09 h 30 opening of games KALINA JUNIORS 2012 A T E L I E R S shot to the BLOWPIPE maze frog) quiz DOUCIN KAYAK game of Devil TRANSPORT of CHARGE game FINAL : SHOOTING A rope 12 H 30 end of workshops 12: 35 A.m. OUICOU/INTERVIEWS of the children/classification 2: 00 p.m. Awards FINAL song 3: 00 pm closing of the KALINA JUNIORS 2012 Games
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  • VILLAS DES CAPS Cap Beauchène 97290 Le Marin

  • LE DOCK Zone Artimer quartier Duprey 97290 Le Marin

  • LE VILLAGE DE LA POINTE Plage de la Pointe Faula, 97290 Le Marin

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