Conferences-debats du parc ethnobotanique

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Conferences-debats du parc ethnobotanique

from November 22 2011 to November 26 2011 ville du marin 97290 Le Marin (Martinique) 97 290 LE MARIN
Phone : 06 96 22 91 47
The City of Marin is pleased to invite you to conferences and debates Days Ethnobotanical Park. For this first edition will be around the development of knowledge, the Valuation and Conservation of Biodiversity. - From 22 to 26 November 2011 from 18h to 20h in the audio-visual room of the Hotel de Ville - Speakers:Rodolphe Desire (Honorary Senator, Mayor and Councillor) Micheline Hotyat (University Professor - University of Paris Sorbonne) Yves Monnier (Natural History Museum Professor Philip Joseph (University Professor - University of West Indies and Guyana) Jean-Valéry MARC (Assistant Professor University of Antilles Guyane) Serge gunot (architect and PhD student in University biogeography of the Antilles and Guyana)
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  • VILLAS DES CAPS Cap Beauchène 97290 Le Marin

  • LE DOCK Zone Artimer quartier Duprey 97290 Le Marin

  • LE VILLAGE DE LA POINTE Plage de la Pointe Faula, 97290 Le Marin

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